Barista Cats – Cat Cafe


Ever wanted to visit a Cat Cafe ? Find yourself browsing the internet, looking wishfully at articles about Japan with its Hedgehog Cafes, Bunny Cafes and the ever coveted Cat Cafe.

Recently 2 cafes have opened in Auckland City and i was lucky enough to visit one. If you are considering a visit to the Cafe or just want to find out what the hype is all about read on to find out. 

Barista Cats

Entry fee is $15 per person and you need to pre book online. We booked day of but I think they prefer a couple days in advance, they have a strict limited on hoomans in the cat area. I think a maximum of 14 at one time.

For $15 you get an hour in the café and a free beverage of your choice, I had an iced mocha which was really nice.

I’ve not been to The Cats Lounge yet, their entry fee is $10 per adult, and it looks like you get a free drink as well.

cats 1

My experience.

Ok so we had the best time at the café. It was really fun to meet all the cats and hear about their experiences. They had around 10 or so cats I believe and all of them are rescues. They were really really chilled and most of them spent the whole time sleeping and chilling out which I did not expect because have you ever met a cat? My cat especially will disappear whenever a stranger comes to visit.


No strangers!

One of the cats was blind, one only had 3 legs, one had an off balance equilibrium and several were super cute and friendly but do not like to be picked up.

cats 2

I tried to wake up one of the cats for a cuddle and he was having none of it. He latched on to a higher level of his jungle gym and sat above me just out of my reach. So much personality.


How dare you wake me from my slumber!

There are all kinds of personalities here, all of them very friendly and enjoying snuggles.

I think that the entry fee and time frame are totally legitimate and the drink was well made. The staff were ever present and also introduced the cats and explained some of their history. There are strict house rules and the cats have their own space away from guests and can enter and exit whenever they wish.

Over all

I had an amazing time and 10/10 would go back again.

I think the setup was gorgeous and the idea of a cat café totally appeals to me. When I was studying / living away from home I could never justify getting a pet so this café would have been perfect. You don’t feel like you have to rescue them like you do at the SPCA.

Great atmosphere, wonderful inhabitants and fluffy cuddles abound.

So if you’re exploring Auckland or just looking for something to do on a day off I highly recommend Barista Cats, Level 1 95 Queen Street.

cats 3


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