Nawlins Ahoy…

After rolling into my hotel as a hot a sweaty tourist with 2 large suitcases and a raging headache, I showered and took off on foot to start discovering all that New Orleans had to offer at 5pm on a Sunday. Too see my adventures getting here take a look at Adventure is now… and for a bit of background on me check out Solo Female Traveller on the Move

In true Meagan style I decided to head for the French quarter but got lost along the way. So I spent my first evening in town wandering through the outlets on river walk. with an 8km walk round trip I fell into bed without having a real dinner, just some Doritos from the train.

Day one – French Quarter

Got up nice an early felt so good to have a real sleep and start to catch up on all the lost sleep and time zone change over the last few days.

I started out with breakfast at The Ruby Slipper – Downtown, recommended by my Lonely Planet city guide. Breakfast was the Madame Croque, and considered of huge slices of brioche done up savoury French toast style and then thick bacon and a fried egg stacked one of the other and plated up with some chips. I washed this down with a giant mimosa that had more champagne than your average glass of champagne does.

I purchased the Hop on Hop off bus pass last night and after discovering how easily I get lost. I wandered back down to the closest stop by the casino and took a full loop around on the bus. This was really really fun! The tour guide had his own stories and gave a great range of information on everything we were passing. It also gives you an idea of the best places to hit when you’re on a short time frame and with nothing pre-booked. The ticket also includes 2 guided walking tours one in the French quarter and one in the garden district and a self-guided tour of the Lafayette cemetery no 1.

After completing a full loop, I decided to start in the French quarter, there was a tour starting in around 40 mins so I decided to wonder through the French market and then catch the tour to orient myself in the quarter. Instead of lunch my heat addled brain opted for a Pina Colada which I drank all through the tour.

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The tour was actually quite informative, it was around a mile long and focused mostly on history and architecture. We saw Angelina and Brad’s house and discussed the legend of Madam Lalaurie, who is described as New Orleans first female serial killer. She had a fixation of playing with her husband’s medical tools, and generally used her slaves as unwilling patients. When her garden was dug up they found over 50 bodies buried there.

After the tour finished, I headed around to try and find all the museums I wanted to visit but low and behold they are all closed on Mondays ?!? was not prepared for that. So I ambled around the French quarter. The sun was beating down and there was very little wind, it had rained and it only made the day more and more muggy. Form the drinks I had had that day I had a wicked headache and so before heading to a different part of town I paid a visit to Café Du Monde for some famous Beignets and an iced coffee.


After afternoon tea I ambled back to the hop on hop off bus. After being informed that this was the last go round of the day I decided to hop off close to my hotel at the WW2 museum. It was around 4:30pm so I didn’t feel ready to call it a day yet. But after a quick pass through the entrance area of the museum and the gift shop I decided to head home for a shower and then consider dinner after that.

I had been without Wi-Fi all day, once I arrived home I had a message from Emma and Glenn inviting me to dinner on the Jazz River cruise. So a quick shower and a trip to the front desk I had myself a ticket and a taxi to the jazz cruise. It was a great experience. Emma and Glenn are wonderful people and it was lovely to see them again. We enjoyed watching the ship set sail, and the buffet was delicious. A couple of the staff were really ancy but apart from that we had a great time.

We topped off the evening with a walk down bourbon street, where I then took the streetcar home and they headed back to their hotel. Bourbon street at 10pm was a wild a crazy party. They shut down most of the street for foot traffic and the bars go wild. Every second place is a strip club and there were mostly naked ladies advertising on the strip. Hustlers handing out beads and expecting payments and everything from bars to souvenir stores.

Stay tuned more New Orleans adventures still to come.


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