Barista Cats – Cat Cafe


Ever wanted to visit a Cat Cafe ? Find yourself browsing the internet, looking wishfully at articles about Japan with its Hedgehog Cafes, Bunny Cafes and the ever coveted Cat Cafe.

Recently 2 cafes have opened in Auckland City and i was lucky enough to visit one. If you are considering a visit to the Cafe or just want to find out what the hype is all about read on to find out.  Continue reading



Hey Wanderers

My First Official Contract with Disney Cruise Line finished on March 30th 2015. I had extended my contract by 3 days so that  could stop working on a Castaway Cay day, which means I boarded the dream in a foreign port and re-board the dream on my tourist visa instead of my work visa.

I did this as one of my on-board friends and I went on a 1 week vacation to Orlando/ Disney world!!!!!!!

Cue 1 week of shopping and seeing friends and eating!!!

IMG_7027 IMG_7026 IMG_7080IMG_6996

We caught up with some friends, we shopped and slept and tanned at Mickeys Retreat. It was a great end to a contract.

After Orlando I flew home to New Zealand where I spent a wonderful 10 days seeing friends and catching up on sleep and snuggling my favourite animal.

IMG_7132 IMG_7225 IMG_7273

I then flew to Australia to visit my friend from the college program, we were proper tourists we visited museums and art galleries. Walked through botanical gardens. Drove to the gold coast and of course bummed around at home.

IMG_7339 IMG_7456 IMG_7457 IMG_7562 IMG_7375

After Australia I flew home and visited my mum who has a new favourite animal as unfortunately Mary Jane had to be put down in March.


RIP Mary Jane


Welcome Lily

I had 7 weeks’ vacation all up. I finished up my time at home spending as much time as I could with friends and family, doing driving lessons and slowly packing my bags and counting down the days till I flew back to Florida.

Bye for Now



Hey ya’ll

I am settling in great here at Disney. I am loving my room mate and flat mates. I was initially disappointed to be living with aussie and kiwis and at Vista Way instead  of chatham or Patterson, but i love my apartment, and the atmosphere.

Vista is amazing, we have 2 pools ( i have only seen and been in 1 though) we also have the infamous hot tub. Here at Vista it is the bus hub and the rent is the cheapest. There is always something to do or some one to talk to.

So far my life has been full of training. Once i arrived and we went through our first few meetings on housing, filling out our employment forms, and casting. We then went through traditions, and i started 4 days of training in the classroom at Disney University. This was great fun haha, but i have suddenly developed a need for coffee early in the morning, so 2 days ago after a day of orientation, i went out to wallmart and purchased a coffee maker some coffee, creamer and a travel mug. Only to get home and discover i also needed coffee filters, so i went off to walgreens. But  now my morning are much more happy and caffinated.

I have visited 3 of the Disney parks now, magic kingdom, Hollywood studios and animal kingdom. I am heading off to the last today which is epcot.

I am in the process  of organising a phone, but i need a few more pay checks under my belt first, as setting up house has cost me a bit more than i thought.

I’m off to epcot today, with 2 of my roommates, Nicola and Katherine.

I start my first day of work at my resort on Tuesday, and have Wednesday off and then work through till Sunday again.

Lots of love