The waiting game

So with everything I choose to do in my life I love to play the waiting game. This is not true. I am the most impatient person I know. However I decided a long time ago that I wanted to live the life I wanted. I wanted to travel the world and be paid for it. I want to live for the experiences and enjoy life to the fullest.

So I have constantly found ways to reach these goals and fulfil my wanderlust and lack of money.

So if you guys have been following me for a little while you’ll know that since I finished my Disney International College Program I have been trying to get on to the Disney Cruise Line. Last time we talked I was mid-way through my application process.

I have filled in the application, which was pretty straight forward … Upload resume….. Now type out resume in the following screens. I found having a reference from within Disney was really beneficial here, even an old manager.

I had a phone interview which lasted around an hour – hour and a half. In which my recruiter a lovely lady by the name of Jan talked to me about my job, my resume, my time at Disney, why I felt I was right for the team, working on a cruise ship and of course my next steps. Have a look at my post “applying for the DCL” for more hints on the interview and this process.

After the interview I had to get a medical check-up which consisted of lots of blood work and immunisation history as well as an eye test and a hearing test. To start with I did have some trouble with this as I was not provided the information for the medical tests until I had already had the meeting with my doctor. This was a very expensive part of the application. This cost me $25o for the first appointment and blood work. After I was provided the correct paperwork I had to get more blood tests done which was an extra $70. I then had to try and track down immunisation records and ended up having another blood test to see if I was immune to chicken pox. Turns out I am, I believe I was immunised as a child but there were no records of it. I also had to go for a hearing test which was slated to cost another $80. Luckily enough it was free in the end.

I also had more information to fill in online, passports, flight availability, marital status etc.

During all this run around I had also booked my visa appointment at the only consulate in New Zealand which is in Auckland. I did however go on the wrong day the first time and felt like a complete dick. So I went back on the right day. Dressed up all professionally I took;

  • Both my passports,
  • My receipts of the interview
  • Confirmation of the DS-160
  • Letter of employment
  • American Passport photo (5cmx5cm)

Once I waited in line and it was finally my turn I handed all the paper work and my New Zealand passport over and went to sit until they called me for my interview. When they called me up to the second window, they asked

  • What I was applying for? A c1/d visa
  • Why I was applying for this? Because I had a job with Disney on the cruise line
  • What had I done before? Worked as a concierge for Walt Disney world.

The interviewer then told me that I should know what I was doing and advised me that my visa had been accepted and that I would receive my passport by courier within the next week. I was over the moon!!! I did receive my passport 2 days later and I found that my visa was valid for 5 years!!!!

So I uploaded a copy of the visa to the documents website, I am now just waiting on the last of my medical records to be finalised.

So I spent the better part of a week going stir crazy waiting for that call to say they wanted me right now!! I even sent a message to one of the Disney reps to see what my hire status was, and she replied that they would do their best to get me a job by December. DECEMBER!!! Omg I was momentarily devastated. I didn’t want to wait that long. I was going crazy with nothing to do at home, I have had no luck in finding a part time job since I’ve been back.


Finally on September 30th I received an email with the news id been waiting for!



I of course accepted straight away.

I then received a second email.

image2 (2)

And now I’m just waiting on confirmation of flights.

23 days to go!


Write my life???

Ok so for those of you who don’t really know me all that well I have recently become obsessed with YouTube and some of its stars. I have also only recently discovered Tumblr and also attended my first con!!!! So much accomplished in 2014!!!!

One of my favourite things to watch from some of my favourite YouTube stars (Myharto, grav3yard girl, Jenna marbles, vintage or tacky, Starkid), is a draw my life tag video. So I have decided (because the motivation has grabbed me) to do a kind of a write my life? It won’t be in depth but ill touch on what I think have been some major parts of my life which I believe have impacted the way I think and act and aspire to today.

My History:


I was just a baby when my parents got divorced. I don’t think I’ve ever been too distraught about this, I certainly did go through an awkward phase at around 10 of wanting my mum and dad to get back together (awkward because they were both practically re married).  I have always spent my life travelling back and forwards between my mum and my dad’s, this meant bus trips and road trips as far back as I can remember. It was always very exciting I got to explore and make friends along the way. I attribute this to the start of my wanderlust. I also have been to quite a few schools as well as being home-schooled for a period of my youth. This I believe attuned my curiosity and formed the idea that if you’re interested/passionate about something you should go for it, and look in to it.

Teenage years:

At 13 I moved from my mum’s to my dad’s and lived with him for the first time I could remember. I started a new school and made amazing friendships that I still love to this day. At this latest school I discovered a passion for theatre and even came top in my drama class one year. Starting new schools is really hard and can be quite stressful, but it has always taught me to make friends quite easily, it has also given me the option to shake of preconceived ideas about myself and explore different interests and dress codes.

At 16 I moved back to mums, I decided to go Goth which wasn’t well received at the small town school I was suddenly attending. But hey isn’t that how we learn and grow? I finished up my schooling and found a love for tourism. So much so that I actually took the class twice I my final year of high school. This final high school took us on trips around the county to explore options with universities in New Zealand. I didn’t believe I would ever want to attend university as I had decided that tourism was my passion and that generally was on the job training.

However I had always wanted to do an exchange program during my schooling and move to another country for a year. This unfortunately was never in the cards as it was insanely expensive so I began to look for other options on travel/jobs/exchanges overseas. It was during this time I discovered a program called Camp America. Basically it takes people over 18 from all over the world and places them at summer camps in America to work for 3 months. This sounded exactly like what I wanted and so I applied for this at the end of my last year of high school.

Young Adult years;

I spent a great 7 months in 2009 travelling and working. I spent 3 months in West Virginia at a wonderful all girls camp; Camp Rim Rock. I was a general counsellor, an archery instructor, a rock wall instructor as well as a life guard. I spent an amazing 3 months working at the camp before setting off on 3 weeks of travel around the eastern coast of the USA. I visited Washington DC, Philadelphia, buffalo, Niagara Falls, New York City.

After my 3 weeks in the states I spent 3 months in Italy staying with family, with a short burst of travel in England and wales. It was while I was in Italy lounging around mooching of my amazing cousin Jo and her family that I decided I wanted to go to university. I had to choose between 2 possible candidates, I decided that I was going to go to Otago University. It is NZ oldest university and is situated in the deep south of New Zealand. This was the farthest away from home I could get without leaving the country. Also as an added bonus my boyfriend at the time was already at Otago University. I decided I was going to study Theatre studies with a minor in hospitality as that way I got all the fun and none of the math.

However by the end of my first year I realised I wanted to take 20 tourism papers and like 2 theatre papers. I was actually offered honours in both Tourism and Theatre and had the chance to choose between them, I chose to change my degree from a Bachelor of Arts to a Bachelor of Commerce. Unfortunately this meant all of the math!!!! However with some great utilization of summer school I still managed to graduate in 3 years as scheduled.

During my first year of university I was loving my tourism/hospitality classes and one of y lecturers, my favourite and huge role model Tara! Told me about this awesome opportunity called the Disney International College Program. The option to work, earn and learn from the world largest media conglomerate. This sounded like the perfect dream job to me, how else would I get to live in America for a year with a job, in a gated community and transportation provided on a daily basis??? So I decided to finish my degree and then apply for the ICP.

For more information of that you can check out some of my early/very first posts to this blog.

However one of my longest running dreams is to travel the world and be paid for it. So everything I do is striving towards this ultimate goal. I pondered being an air hostess (I’m too short) and working on a cruise ship (taaadaahhh).


So as you all know I am mid-way through my process of becoming part of the team with the Disney cruise line. You can read this post HERE about my process so far.

I also got some great news the other day that a friend of mine is also going to be interviewed for the Disney cruise line as well!!! Yes super pumped!!!

Where I stand today is in a sort of limbo. I am still riddled with wanderlust and I can’t wait to get the call from the Disney cruise line so I can set off abroad once more.

This is an odd post and if you didn’t like it I apologise, I just felt like there is a certain amount of my life that attributes to why I want to travel and how I’ve gotten to this point and I felt like sharing it.

PS, i learnt how to use links !!! did you notice.



Disney Cruise Line Process

So since I’ve finished at Disney I have had quite an exciting time with the Disney cruise line.

It all started on august the 6th when I received an email from a recruiter saying that she had received my resume and was I still interested. To which I replied that I was. Jan then sent me personalized link to fill in an application and what not. I filled it in. it was an application for a guest service hostess, ad t was just standard application from After filling this out later that day I received several emails once of which asking me to upload some information to a documents website and another arranging a skype interview time.

The skype date was set for Saturday the 17th of August which I readily accepted 7:30am! Well as it so happens I had just booked bus tickets to go and see my mum that weekend so I messaged her to tell her to fill up her Wi-Fi plan as I needed it for skype for a job interview.

Once I arrived at mums on Friday evening we fussed over the kitchen table clearing it off and setting up a sheet behind it so that it would give me a neutral back ground. My biggest problem was my purple hair! How in the hell was I supposed to hide that??? And it is most definitely not Disney look in any way shape or form.

So the next morning I was up at the crack of dawn quietly getting ready putting on my professional shirts over my pyjama bottoms and slippers (hehe). Did my make up and put my hair up in a professional bun. Success the lighting was bad enough my hair looked brown and not purple at all. I made a cup of tea, trying o not wake up the rest of the household. Logged into skype and waited for Jan to call.

At 7:35am I got an email saying hr skype was broken and she tried calling my mobile and it didn’t work, so I gave her the home phone, there is very little cell phone reception at my mum’s she lives in the middle of the native forest at the top of New Zealand.  So the phone rang and Jan and I talked for over an hour, going over the job and my resume and answering my questions.

We covered things like have you looked into life on board? I mentioned I had done a cruise and she asked if the purpose was to find out what it was like and I answered that yes it was. She laughed and told me it would be a lot different as a crew member haha.

Right at the end I asked what I could do to move my process along to make sure I was offered a positon ad she said “ after this conversation I feel comfortable in offering you the position right now if you want to accept it”, I nearly fell over !!! I was expecting at least a 2 week waiting period. So I of course accepted and she wished me well.

Now during this conversation I had to admit I had messed up with my up loading documents, because I’m useless, and she laughed it off and fixed it right up for me J  so don’t worry about messing up or making mistakes they generally understand that you’re human.

I then had to schedule a medical and it cost me $225 hopefully this will be refunded when I get to the port. I finally got everything faxed over yesterday only to find out that Disney was supposed to send me a medical package which listed everything they needed but they hadn’t done so. So I’m heading back to the doctors tomorrow to get all the forms signed and faxed over to Disney.

I’ve also today just had my visa appointment and been approved for my C1/D visa!!!!! Everything is lining up!!!

So here is a fun little story for you. Last Monday I had just had my medical appointment, had my blood tests done and as I returned home considerably more poor, a FedEx van turned up at my door. It was my employment papers!!!! Yay!!!! so I logged into the American embassy website and started filling out my DS-160 form (which takes hours and is so bloody confusing) last time Disney provided me with a whole bunch of information about how to fill it out and what information to put in, however this time they didn’t which was all sorts of fun and stress. But I eventually filled it out and paid for my visa (dad had to top me up with some money to afford it) and made an appointment. Now here is the funny part. I didn’t really look at dates, I just noticed a greyed out Blue Square which I figured was today and an open appointment for the next day. This was perfect!!! Dad had to go in early so he could drop me off on his way past. Quick mad dash for passport photos and printing out of documents. I get up at the ass crack of dawn stumble around and we zoom off into town. We finally get there and the security guard tells me “see right here it says Wednesday 10th of September” so that was next week haha! So shame faced I catch a bus back to orewa and while away the day till today!!!!

I’ve done nothing but mess up since I started this process haha

EDIT: while applying for your C1/D also apply for the B1/2 it has no extra cost and allows that wonderful chance to explore the USA after your contract finishes.



Life Update

Hey all

So I know I haven’t written in a while and my last couple of posts were pretty much a dower. And the truth is that I was feeling really home sick and down in my last 2 months of my program.

The reason is that I missed my family and my friend’s, I had booked my flight home so I was ready to go home. Also I was leaving all my new friends behind which sucked immensely. Besides we all know I’m out to the most on top of it blogger anyways.

 So here is a short summary of my last month and life after the program up until now. (September 2014)

    IMG_4614 IMG_4616  IMG_4626   IMG_4634       



GRaduation from Disney College Program


Clocking out for the last time !!!

So the last month of my program I was deployed to Disney’s art of animation until my very last week when I finally got to re-join my Disney family at All-star. The last month was pretty terrifying in that Kat and I had to go through all the junk we had accumulated over the course of a year and decide what we absolutely needed and what we had to throw out. We also had to work and see all of our friends and say our goodbyes.

Lucky for us our wonderful friend Julie put us up at her apartment for a week while we abused her car to get us to and from LEAKY CON!!!!




IMG_4611Leaky con was the most amazing way to end Disney for me. I am a huge harry potter nerd/fan and I’ve wanted to go to a geek convention for the longest time. I also got to meet Jon cozart and Jim povolo while I was there as well!!!! (Life dreams coming true y’all)


We also went to the most interesting discussion about whether Hogwarts is a castle or a character. Which I spoke like twice to a room full of people. I was very nervous and sweaty the whole time but I just cat shut myself up about harry potter J

We also got to see a reading of star ship requiem by the star kid cast and also see Hannah hart ( new YouTube crush btw) and a couple of awesome panels by women I didn’t know I admired but I do now.

The marketplace was intense, there were so many things I wanted but couldn’t afford. The one thing I really wanted but missed out on was an octopus hair ornament. They were intense, but they were $15 and I didn’t have that kind of money unfortunately due to California plans after leaky con. I did however pick up a few badges and necklaces that I just adore. I got a hufflepuff and a Hogwarts crest necklaces, and some Hogwarts themed badges


During this time frame Kat and I also bleached and dyed our hair purple. I also dyed most of Kat’s brown and the bottom purple. Which was a great experience haha, so much purple everywhere!!!!!



So on the 5th of august we gathered a few girls and we headed to LA to hit up Disneyland before we flew out.

Disneyland and California adventure were amazingly fun. Unfortunately by this time I had had enough Disney so Julie and her boyfriend Dan and I did hit up Trader Sam’s and got our drink on in the afternoons.

We stayed just down the block from Disney land, at Abby’s Anaheimer inn. Which was really cheap motel and kinda dodgy but it served the purpose of somewhere to sleep for 3 days while we were there.

I finally cried at a Disney show which was the world of colour. They play the death scene of mufasa as part of it and it was always and still is the most traumatic cinematic experience of my life. I used to beg mum to watch it every day and then ball my eyes out every day as well.

Christina, Kat and I stayed together and Julie and Dan stayed at a hotel nearby. So on the day of check out Christina left around 10am and headed to the airport and we moved our stuff to Julie’s hotel and we didn’t get picked up till 7pm.


Kat and I got to LAX and we had to pay for extra baggage. As my carry on ended up being 19 kilos!!!!!!! (The limit is 7) haha so my last pay check from Disney went towards that $129 FYI. We boarded our flight at 11pm and flew out shortly after. Surprisingly Fiji airlines was quite good for how cheap the flights were. (Bonus no blood noses this time around) the airport at nadi was really small and really expensive so kat and I just sat being really hungry for hours on end. (I’m to paying $15 for crappy fish and chips) also Nadi was the only airport I’ve ever been to that was really finicky about everything liquid being in a plastic bag. Also the guy put his fingers in like all of my makeup and looked at it like it was dangerous. (Please stop fondling my blush sir!)


IMG_4653Saying goodbye to Kat was really hard. I full out balled my eyes out in the middle of this airport at like 7 o’clock in the morning. After living with this amazing woman for a year I am still not ready for her to be on the other side of the room 24/7.



I arrived into Auckland airport just as it hit midday. I breezed through customs no problems there. Loaded my luggage on to a cart and stumbled out in to the arrivals area. My lovely friend Iris was there to meet me along with my amazing dad and brilliant Aunty Sam. To which they all told me I sounded too American 😛

We went out for lunch for a bit before we had to head home to check on my grandfather.


Thanks for tuning in world



Disney Cruise line, and beyond.

So as you all know I’m in my last 3 weeks of my program here at Disney. 

My roommate Kat and I have been trying to apply for the Disney cruise line but we haven’t heard anything positive back yet.

My current boss come from the cruise line and so has been helping me to get an inside referral. He has helped me update my resume and then send it off to the head of guest services shore side. He then advised me to apply online so they would get my application with my resume through their recruiter. 

However the flaw in this plan was that there are currently no guest service positions available online for me to apply through. So we decided to apply for the Youth Activities Counsellor position which is being widely advertised currently. 

Unfortunately we both heard back in 2 weeks that we had not made it to the second round. And that there are more “qualified” applicants. Which we both think is stupid. Kat for 1 has been working as a youth activities counsellor for years at various different camps in Australia. 

I recently talked to my boss and he said that his contact was waiting for my application, when I told him there were none he said well we must touch base again soon. However I am deployed currently (perpetually it feels like), and so I don’t see him very often. 

I am going to apply for a club host/hostess position but to be honest right now I can’t focus on much past being home and would really be so bad to try and find a job in NZ and live with some friends???


Kat and I have booked tickets to LEAKYCON!!!!!! You heard me the harry potter sensation hat gripping the nation is coming to Orlando Florida just as we finish our program. So we have decided to stay in Orlando for a few extra days ad rash at a friend’s place while we spend our life savings on harry potter fun. 

We purchased General passes to the event which happens from July 30-August 3rd. it is being held at the Orange County event center. Tickets are $175 per person but we found a code which is “LEAKYFL” and it knocked $25 off the price. 

Of course you may have heard there is an event scheduled for July 30th and it’s an exclusive night in the new harry potter park, free food, and only for leaky on guests. However it’s another $150 on top of the current ticket price and though I can’t really afford it, can I really afford to miss it????

Apart from money the other thing holding me back is that I’m still technically employed by Disney and I’m not sure if I’ll have that day off or not.



Day Four – St Maarten

Ok so the day dawned somewhat brightish and earlyish, we were docking in St Maarten.

We had decided on breakfast at the enchanted garden at 9am.

Breakfast was surprisingly a buffet ha-ha,  during which our waiter spilled a glass of water all over our table we all had good giggle and after breakfast spent a few hours chilling on board, this was because we had booked a tour but it wasn’t due to start till 12:30pm. So at around 11:45am we made our way through to the Buena Vista Theatre to await our briefing.

We arrived nice and early and spent around 20 minutes waiting for everyone else to arrive. We had booked the Under 2 Flags tour which was $29.00 per person and took us on a coach tour around both sides of the island. We stopped at a market place where we perused all the token souvenirs and bags and what not. We even chanced a look inside the mall, which was filled with various expensive stores with nothing overly interesting. I purchased some post cards for my collection.

We decided we were thirsty and so we stopped at a juice bar for some fresh fruit juice. Kat got a vitamin C juice which was deliciously tart as it had no added sugar. I had an island blend and Christopher had a Pina colada smoothie – no alcohol added. After which we boarded the bus again and headed for the rest of the tour.


mhmmmmm all of the ice cream Flavours

Our last stop before the ship was at a famous carousel and Italian ice-cream shop. We all had a free go on the carousel and a scoop of ice cream, there were so many flavours it was really hard to choose but they let us taste a couple first. I ended up with a Bounty flavor, which tasted just like bounty chocolate bars.

After half an hour there we were dropped back at the port. Chris and Kat headed back to the ship and Michael and I window shopped at the port side shopping for around an hour.

i just want to apologize that none of these photos are in order.


Ticket for the tour


Can you see the Lizards ???


Dodgiest rubbish bin ever


Katherine and Christopher




teaching kat how to get the glamour shot


glamour shots are hard


Meagan wont get off the bus cos its too close to the edge

IMG_3788 IMG_3789 IMG_3790 IMG_3794 IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3802 IMG_3803 IMG_3804 - Copy IMG_3805 - Copy IMG_3806 IMG_3810 IMG_3814   IMG_3817 IMG_3819 IMG_3822 IMG_3824 IMG_3825 IMG_3826 IMG_3827 IMG_3828 IMG_3829 IMG_3831 - Copy IMG_3832  IMG_3767

IMG_3787 IMG_3786 IMG_3785 IMG_3784 IMG_3783 IMG_3782 IMG_3780 IMG_3779 IMG_3763 IMG_3767 IMG_3768 IMG_3769 IMG_3770 IMG_3762 IMG_3761 IMG_3760 IMG_3759 IMG_3758  IMG_3756 IMG_3755 IMG_3754 IMG_3815

Day four was pirate night, there was a lot of commotion happening with dance parties and pirates of the Caribbean themed shows and even fireworks. We had dinner at animator’s palate for the first time since we had eaten at Palo on the first night instead.

I must say that out of all the menus this was the one I was least interested in.


Lamb shank


Pot Stickers


Shrimp and Israeli Couscous


Choc Lava Cake


Pirate beverage


A Lost Boy(Girl) and Peter Pan

IMG_3834 - Copy IMG_3835 IMG_3838 - Copy IMG_3843 IMG_3844 IMG_3846 IMG_3849 IMG_3851 IMG_3866 - Copy IMG_3867 - Copy IMG_3871



After the fireworks there was a dessert buffet at cabanas but it was also a bit average.