First Post

Hey all

My Name is Nutmeg and this is (hopefully) my blog which will outline my experience of the past and the future relating to the Disney College Program



I’m currently in the process of getting ready for the international Disney college program which will begin in August this year.

I have tried for many years to create and keep a blog but I have failed many times, I have tried blogger, spring pad, I almost got a tumblr, I have a twitter, but the only thing I have faithfully kept is my Facebook.

So I decided to create a new blog on a new website and ‘try’ my best to actually keep it. 🙂

I have watched many many people on Facebook struggle through the struggles of applying, and waiting. Then being accepted and then waiting. Applying for Visa’s and paying for insurance.

All through these struggles there have been the same questions asked over and over again. So I really want to detail my personal experience as well as how I went about doing everything as thus far I have been successful with every part of the application process.

So I wish you and myself luck as I start out on this journey.