Life Update

Hey all

So I know I haven’t written in a while and my last couple of posts were pretty much a dower. And the truth is that I was feeling really home sick and down in my last 2 months of my program.

The reason is that I missed my family and my friend’s, I had booked my flight home so I was ready to go home. Also I was leaving all my new friends behind which sucked immensely. Besides we all know I’m out to the most on top of it blogger anyways.

 So here is a short summary of my last month and life after the program up until now. (September 2014)

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GRaduation from Disney College Program


Clocking out for the last time !!!

So the last month of my program I was deployed to Disney’s art of animation until my very last week when I finally got to re-join my Disney family at All-star. The last month was pretty terrifying in that Kat and I had to go through all the junk we had accumulated over the course of a year and decide what we absolutely needed and what we had to throw out. We also had to work and see all of our friends and say our goodbyes.

Lucky for us our wonderful friend Julie put us up at her apartment for a week while we abused her car to get us to and from LEAKY CON!!!!




IMG_4611Leaky con was the most amazing way to end Disney for me. I am a huge harry potter nerd/fan and I’ve wanted to go to a geek convention for the longest time. I also got to meet Jon cozart and Jim povolo while I was there as well!!!! (Life dreams coming true y’all)


We also went to the most interesting discussion about whether Hogwarts is a castle or a character. Which I spoke like twice to a room full of people. I was very nervous and sweaty the whole time but I just cat shut myself up about harry potter J

We also got to see a reading of star ship requiem by the star kid cast and also see Hannah hart ( new YouTube crush btw) and a couple of awesome panels by women I didn’t know I admired but I do now.

The marketplace was intense, there were so many things I wanted but couldn’t afford. The one thing I really wanted but missed out on was an octopus hair ornament. They were intense, but they were $15 and I didn’t have that kind of money unfortunately due to California plans after leaky con. I did however pick up a few badges and necklaces that I just adore. I got a hufflepuff and a Hogwarts crest necklaces, and some Hogwarts themed badges


During this time frame Kat and I also bleached and dyed our hair purple. I also dyed most of Kat’s brown and the bottom purple. Which was a great experience haha, so much purple everywhere!!!!!



So on the 5th of august we gathered a few girls and we headed to LA to hit up Disneyland before we flew out.

Disneyland and California adventure were amazingly fun. Unfortunately by this time I had had enough Disney so Julie and her boyfriend Dan and I did hit up Trader Sam’s and got our drink on in the afternoons.

We stayed just down the block from Disney land, at Abby’s Anaheimer inn. Which was really cheap motel and kinda dodgy but it served the purpose of somewhere to sleep for 3 days while we were there.

I finally cried at a Disney show which was the world of colour. They play the death scene of mufasa as part of it and it was always and still is the most traumatic cinematic experience of my life. I used to beg mum to watch it every day and then ball my eyes out every day as well.

Christina, Kat and I stayed together and Julie and Dan stayed at a hotel nearby. So on the day of check out Christina left around 10am and headed to the airport and we moved our stuff to Julie’s hotel and we didn’t get picked up till 7pm.


Kat and I got to LAX and we had to pay for extra baggage. As my carry on ended up being 19 kilos!!!!!!! (The limit is 7) haha so my last pay check from Disney went towards that $129 FYI. We boarded our flight at 11pm and flew out shortly after. Surprisingly Fiji airlines was quite good for how cheap the flights were. (Bonus no blood noses this time around) the airport at nadi was really small and really expensive so kat and I just sat being really hungry for hours on end. (I’m to paying $15 for crappy fish and chips) also Nadi was the only airport I’ve ever been to that was really finicky about everything liquid being in a plastic bag. Also the guy put his fingers in like all of my makeup and looked at it like it was dangerous. (Please stop fondling my blush sir!)


IMG_4653Saying goodbye to Kat was really hard. I full out balled my eyes out in the middle of this airport at like 7 o’clock in the morning. After living with this amazing woman for a year I am still not ready for her to be on the other side of the room 24/7.



I arrived into Auckland airport just as it hit midday. I breezed through customs no problems there. Loaded my luggage on to a cart and stumbled out in to the arrivals area. My lovely friend Iris was there to meet me along with my amazing dad and brilliant Aunty Sam. To which they all told me I sounded too American 😛

We went out for lunch for a bit before we had to head home to check on my grandfather.


Thanks for tuning in world




Harry potter convention is in town ……

So cue the screaming, the fan girl-ing and passing out from excitedness.

So universal studios is doing a celebrating harry potter celebration this weekend, Friday it starts with a film tribute and then Saturday and Sunday have panels with some of the cast and an expo.

I convinced my friend Chris to go on Friday night even though he was insanely tired. However we couldn’t find where the film was so we spent far touch at honeydukes and the hogs head and then headed home for movies.

I unfortunately had to work on Saturday cue tears EVERYWHERE.

However, thank god there is a Sunday!! So early this morning (11am) Julie, Katherine and I set off for universal. I had donned my hearts shirt and my gryffindor scarf, as well as a pair of my terribly ripped jeans. And we were pumped!!! We had to stop for lunch though, so Julie and Kat got panda express and i had a burrito from moes. After which we located mikey. And then we headed off into the islands of adventure.

However they were very vague about the whole procedure and we didn’t actually know where anything was or how to go about finding out where it all was.


So after a quick trip around hogsmeade, were nothing useful was found. We decided to try out suck across the border in universal studios. Once we got there we found a rather useful sign.

And we learnt we were still in the wrong place. DAM IT !!!!! I need my harry potter fix! So we found a map looked up where toon lagoon auditorium was and headed over there as fast as we could for the 3:30pm Q&A session, the last of the weekend. We waited in line, and waited……. and waited……. and waited……. and waited…… we sang a very potter musical songs. We murmured the mysterious ticking noise, we made inappropriate jokes about most topics. And still we waited. And then….. oh my rowling, we were on our way inside. I’m still thanking her that we got in line when we did because we were in the very top corner of the top row of this giant auditorium.

I won’t lie i almost cried when everyone came out. Neville longbottom, luna lovegood, Fred and George weasley, answers seamus finnigan. It was so amazing  i was in the same room as them. The very people which i have grown up with as role models. I loved every moment of it. We even got our 30 seconds of fame on camera behind some one who was asking a question. We were TOTALLY mature and did not at all wave our hands and scream and talk aboutnwhether it would be worth getting dragged out by security if we flashed them. Those thought didn’t even cross our minds.


So the Q&A lasted about an hour. We then rode the hulk ride, and headed to universal studios again to find the expo. Once again we were in line. It even started to rain.

But i got this close to luna lovegood.

Once we got inside which took about half an hour, we discovered the sorting hat. My dreams came true, after another half hour wait it was my turn to be sorted.

GRYFFINDOR!!!!!! rang through the crowded room and i partied. Katherine and Julie also got sorted. Katherine got ravenclaw and Julie is a hufflepuff. When then purused the merchandise, got our pictures taken at the wanted wizards photo booth and i bought some harry potter stamps.




So diagon alley is opening summer 2014, i really hope it while I’m still her cos it would totally make my life.

Much love