The Medical Insurance Dilemma

The next step in the amazing journey I have undertaken is the extremely expensive task of purchasing medical insurance, from HTH.

Unfortunately HTH insurance is a compulsory component of our Visa and Internship requirements.

The HTH link is :

There is 3 different policies available for purchase.

Option 1A is $74.30 USD per month and allows for $100 doctors visits

Option 2A is $117.25 USD per month and allows for $20 doctors visits

Option 3 is $ 99.55 USD per month and allows for $20 doctors visits


Obviously there are many other benefits and all of them meet our J1 visa requirements.


HTH does not allow for more than 12 months of insurance to be bought at any one time, however you are required to be covered from the moment you enter the Usa to the moment you leave. This must also be paid before you leave for the Usa as well.


Disney advises that you purchase 2 months and then 11 months if you are buying for a 12 month program.

I purchased option 2A which is $117.25 per month. This cost me $1925 NZD for 13 months.

I purchased 01 August 2013 – 30 September 2013 then 01 October 2013 1 September 2014.


My dad is paying the different between option 2A and option 3, which is around $400 NZD


I am also undecided as whether to get travel insurance for the few days I will be travelling before I start at Disney.


I will let you guys know my travel details in another post.


Some of the questions I had while going through the process are:

  1. You do not need to put in a student id number or indicate an education qualification.
  2. Your address that you enter is :
    Walt Disney Housing
    8050 Gables Commons Drive
    Orlando, FL 32821
  3. Your Home country is : New Zealand
    your Host country is : United States
  4. You don’t need to enter any phone numbers
  5. When buying 2 policies just purchase them back to back , you do not need to wait for the first id card to come through.


Many people including myself have found their HTH emails in their junk mail box, so check this frequently in the days following your purchase of insurance.


Also a wee note that exchange fees can cause the cost to be more than expected so make sure you have more than enough money on your card when you go to purchase.


Any questions just let me know 🙂