Hey Wanderers

My First Official Contract with Disney Cruise Line finished on March 30th 2015. I had extended my contract by 3 days so that  could stop working on a Castaway Cay day, which means I boarded the dream in a foreign port and re-board the dream on my tourist visa instead of my work visa.

I did this as one of my on-board friends and I went on a 1 week vacation to Orlando/ Disney world!!!!!!!

Cue 1 week of shopping and seeing friends and eating!!!

IMG_7027 IMG_7026 IMG_7080IMG_6996

We caught up with some friends, we shopped and slept and tanned at Mickeys Retreat. It was a great end to a contract.

After Orlando I flew home to New Zealand where I spent a wonderful 10 days seeing friends and catching up on sleep and snuggling my favourite animal.

IMG_7132 IMG_7225 IMG_7273

I then flew to Australia to visit my friend from the college program, we were proper tourists we visited museums and art galleries. Walked through botanical gardens. Drove to the gold coast and of course bummed around at home.

IMG_7339 IMG_7456 IMG_7457 IMG_7562 IMG_7375

After Australia I flew home and visited my mum who has a new favourite animal as unfortunately Mary Jane had to be put down in March.


RIP Mary Jane


Welcome Lily

I had 7 weeks’ vacation all up. I finished up my time at home spending as much time as I could with friends and family, doing driving lessons and slowly packing my bags and counting down the days till I flew back to Florida.

Bye for Now




So yesterday was my last day at work… it was really sad saying goodbye to everyone. I have only been working there for a grand total of just under 4 months, but it was such a great group/team to be a part of. I will genuinely miss working there.

But they got me a Black Forest Torte and even a present! They gave me a Lime Green Leather Passport cover and Luggage Tag 🙂

Also went out for lunch with my work mate and my boss, and we even went out for a wine after work as well!

And so I am now unemployed for the grand total of 1 week, during which time I will:

– Going shopping with my dad

– Meeting up with my mum who is coming to stay for the week.

– Going to Auckland Zoo

– Having a Leaving Dinner

– Flying to San Francisco and spending 3 ½ days exploring the city.

– Flying to Orlando

At the end of this week i will be checking in to Disney, to start the most amazing year of my life living, learning and earning in the United States

Super Excited!!!!

I cant believe just how close Disney has gotten now. It is literally only 9 days till check in! I will be flying out in 5 days! Gah! My brain can almost not comprehend all the exciting things that are going to be happening this week!


Hey all

So I resigned from my receptionist role this week. I did this because it is only 35 days till i leave for the states.

This is probably the most stressed I have been at any point during this process. this was probably because I was afraid they wouldn’t let me stay for the remaining month, and I also have a personal fear/hate of letting people down no matter who they are.

However on Wednesday I resigned and my boss was very understanding and everyone at work is excited for me 🙂

This has released a fair amount of the stress i had put my self under :).

I’m slowly but surely checking everything off my list;

flights: check – Flight #1:leaving Auckland 7:15pm August 1st arrive San Francisco August 1st Midday.
Flight #2: leaving San Francisco August 4th 10:30pm via chicago arrive Orlando 9:30am.

Visa: Check

medical insurance: check – Policy 2A $1925.00

resignation: Check – Completed 26/06/2013, my last day will be July 26th.

packing: not yet but in the process of acquiring everything i need.

registered for classes: check – Monday’s (8.30am – 1pm) cast exploration & human resources and Exploring guest service.

Need to do:

Organise a leaving dinner/party

Go shopping/make a shopping list (next payday July 15th)


Look at travel insurance

Look at things to do in San Francisco

Complete the housing DORMS (opens 10 days before check in )