Day 2: San Francisco.

Sleep doesn’t come easy after a 12 hour flight and the fact that you are now sharing a room with 3 completely strangers. However after taking night time flu pills i slept though  till 8 am through following morning when one of my room mates woke up.

After a quick shower, i headed upstairs to check out the free breakfast that my hostel puts on every morning. I got a cheese bagel, toasted and with cream cheese, i also had the rock melon or cantelope as it is known here.


After breakfast i headed down to the BART station, to find the sf information centre to redeem .mu city pass. My city pass turns out to be a little booklet with different tickets inside it. It is also a MUNI pass, this means i can ride the streetcars, buses, and through cable cars for free.
(P.s. best idea ever)


I then stumbled across the cable car line where i waited for 45 minutes until i finally got to board one, i stood out the back by the handlely thing. It was AWESOME!


I took the cable car up to fisherman’s wharf, where i strolled around the piers, and shops until i tracked down Pier 39. This is the most amazing place. It’s insane here, huge candy stores, resorts of touristy crap, and amazing seafood. I found the blue and gold fleet, and booked my cruise around the bay. City pass provides me with a one hour around the bay tour, butnthe cashier informs me for $5 extra i can change it to the escape from through rock tour which of course i jumped on as i missed out on tickets to alcatraz.



After the cruise i got a 2 for 1 deal from aunt fannys hot pretzels, one salty one with cheese and 1 sweet with cinnamon sugar. 


I then decided to go an explorer’s aquarium on the bay. Which was really cute. It was as tiny as i expected, and the new other exhibit was adorable but 2 of the others were sleeping in a tree and the other one was passed out on a log.



After this i was starting to get tired it was 3pm and i had been on my feet all day!
So i went to wait in line for the muni street car, when the first one came i was in the wrong place so i had to go over the road and find a different bus stop. Eventually found it and waited for like 20 mins for the streetcar to arrive, a full one drove straight past and the next one could only fit 6 or so people. Eventually we crammed ourselves pike a tin of marines into a street car and off we went. I got off a few stops later at pier 15 to check out the exploratorium.


But as it closed at 5 and it was already 4, i decided leave it for another day. I walked down the piers to the ferry building, around pier 1. After strolling through the markets i decided head for home and a comfortable seat. I caught a street car to the westfield on Powell and market after wandering around the mall for a bit i decided home was were i wanted to be. So i trotted back to ky hostel via walgreens to pick up some mangos spears and chips for tea and some cantelope for breakfast.


I did make a lastdash out to burger king last night as i wanted a greasy burger.

That’s all for now folks
T t f n



So yesterday was my last day at work… it was really sad saying goodbye to everyone. I have only been working there for a grand total of just under 4 months, but it was such a great group/team to be a part of. I will genuinely miss working there.

But they got me a Black Forest Torte and even a present! They gave me a Lime Green Leather Passport cover and Luggage Tag 🙂

Also went out for lunch with my work mate and my boss, and we even went out for a wine after work as well!

And so I am now unemployed for the grand total of 1 week, during which time I will:

– Going shopping with my dad

– Meeting up with my mum who is coming to stay for the week.

– Going to Auckland Zoo

– Having a Leaving Dinner

– Flying to San Francisco and spending 3 ½ days exploring the city.

– Flying to Orlando

At the end of this week i will be checking in to Disney, to start the most amazing year of my life living, learning and earning in the United States

Super Excited!!!!

I cant believe just how close Disney has gotten now. It is literally only 9 days till check in! I will be flying out in 5 days! Gah! My brain can almost not comprehend all the exciting things that are going to be happening this week!

Packing List


so as it now only 24 days till i fly on out of here i need to start making sure that i have everything and get everything i still need sorted out.

i have ordered a new Swimsuit off, which has free internal postage and should arrive on or before the 18th of July. i am getting this shipped to work, so that i will be able to receive it.

Shopping list:

  • summer pajamas
  • packing cubes ( for my suitcase)  – Check
  • camera
  • new phone
  • new tooth brush / paste – Check
  • underwear e.t.c – Check
  • shorts – Check
  • singlets/t-shirts – Check
  • shoes, both a pair of boots and flats – Half Check
  • padlock – Check
  • alarm clock –
  • nz flag
  • micro SD

Unfortunately as i had to wait for pay day, i have now missed out on tickets to see Alcatraz.


i am however going to purchase a San Francisco City Pass, which gives me a muni/cable cars transport pass, entry into the Academy of Sciences, Exploritorium, Monteray Aquarium.


I went shopping this weekend and bought a gorgeous new pair of boots, some cute t-shirts and all my  packing needs.

there is only a few things im waiting on now. and that is my swmsuit to be delivered, and for it to actually only be a week to go. 🙂


I also had a trial pack today, where i filled my suitcase up with pretty much everything and thi senabled me to clean up my room, chuck out a whole lot of stuff i dont want and actually look at the clothes i can take with me.




Guess What ?!?

I just joined Instagram! OMG WTF ROFL!

haha just kidding. i have long postponed and even sworn that i would never join instagram but i have decided to join before i leave for America, so that i can keep up the instagram traditions of taking pictures of all the awesome food i am going to be experiencing on mt travels to and during my stay in America and the beyond.

so i am Nutmeggle_foodie i currently have no pictures as i have eaten nothing exciting in the half hour since i opened my account today 🙂  



Less than a month to go.

So it is now less than 1 month till i leave New Zealand for the bright city lights of the United States of America.

Whenever i really stop and think about the fact that in 25 or less days i will be travelling on my own to San Francisco, and then on to sunny Lake Bunea Vista, Florida and Disney world. Where i will spend then next 12 months working for THE mouse. I admit i freak out,…… like a whole lot!!!

It’s really nice now everyone at work knows I’m going, i get .ro talk about Disney all the time again which is great because that is exactly what i want to do anyway 🙂

I have just received my Disney look email, which bassicly provided links too all the Disney look rules and regulations.

I have ticked off everything on my Disney checklist so far:
New passport
Background check
Visa paperwork
Visa interview
Travel plans and associated accommodations etc
Medical insurance
Applying for classes (Max 2)
Letting Disney know my arrival time and receiving my check in time and location .

Speaking of which they have changed my checking location, normally you would check into vista way welcome centre, but they have asked me to check in at the commons instead. Quite a few/ if not all the Australia/New Zealand international arrivals on August 5th have been changed to this new location.

Still to check off:
Housing preferences
Go shopping for last minute items
Throw a leaving dinner / Party


T t f n
Ta ta for now


Hey all

So I resigned from my receptionist role this week. I did this because it is only 35 days till i leave for the states.

This is probably the most stressed I have been at any point during this process. this was probably because I was afraid they wouldn’t let me stay for the remaining month, and I also have a personal fear/hate of letting people down no matter who they are.

However on Wednesday I resigned and my boss was very understanding and everyone at work is excited for me 🙂

This has released a fair amount of the stress i had put my self under :).

I’m slowly but surely checking everything off my list;

flights: check – Flight #1:leaving Auckland 7:15pm August 1st arrive San Francisco August 1st Midday.
Flight #2: leaving San Francisco August 4th 10:30pm via chicago arrive Orlando 9:30am.

Visa: Check

medical insurance: check – Policy 2A $1925.00

resignation: Check – Completed 26/06/2013, my last day will be July 26th.

packing: not yet but in the process of acquiring everything i need.

registered for classes: check – Monday’s (8.30am – 1pm) cast exploration & human resources and Exploring guest service.

Need to do:

Organise a leaving dinner/party

Go shopping/make a shopping list (next payday July 15th)


Look at travel insurance

Look at things to do in San Francisco

Complete the housing DORMS (opens 10 days before check in )