Hey ya’ll

I am settling in great here at Disney. I am loving my room mate and flat mates. I was initially disappointed to be living with aussie and kiwis and at Vista Way instead  of chatham or Patterson, but i love my apartment, and the atmosphere.

Vista is amazing, we have 2 pools ( i have only seen and been in 1 though) we also have the infamous hot tub. Here at Vista it is the bus hub and the rent is the cheapest. There is always something to do or some one to talk to.

So far my life has been full of training. Once i arrived and we went through our first few meetings on housing, filling out our employment forms, and casting. We then went through traditions, and i started 4 days of training in the classroom at Disney University. This was great fun haha, but i have suddenly developed a need for coffee early in the morning, so 2 days ago after a day of orientation, i went out to wallmart and purchased a coffee maker some coffee, creamer and a travel mug. Only to get home and discover i also needed coffee filters, so i went off to walgreens. But  now my morning are much more happy and caffinated.

I have visited 3 of the Disney parks now, magic kingdom, Hollywood studios and animal kingdom. I am heading off to the last today which is epcot.

I am in the process  of organising a phone, but i need a few more pay checks under my belt first, as setting up house has cost me a bit more than i thought.

I’m off to epcot today, with 2 of my roommates, Nicola and Katherine.

I start my first day of work at my resort on Tuesday, and have Wednesday off and then work through till Sunday again.

Lots of love



So yesterday was my last day at work… it was really sad saying goodbye to everyone. I have only been working there for a grand total of just under 4 months, but it was such a great group/team to be a part of. I will genuinely miss working there.

But they got me a Black Forest Torte and even a present! They gave me a Lime Green Leather Passport cover and Luggage Tag 🙂

Also went out for lunch with my work mate and my boss, and we even went out for a wine after work as well!

And so I am now unemployed for the grand total of 1 week, during which time I will:

– Going shopping with my dad

– Meeting up with my mum who is coming to stay for the week.

– Going to Auckland Zoo

– Having a Leaving Dinner

– Flying to San Francisco and spending 3 ½ days exploring the city.

– Flying to Orlando

At the end of this week i will be checking in to Disney, to start the most amazing year of my life living, learning and earning in the United States

Super Excited!!!!

I cant believe just how close Disney has gotten now. It is literally only 9 days till check in! I will be flying out in 5 days! Gah! My brain can almost not comprehend all the exciting things that are going to be happening this week!

Applying and the Interview


This blog is going to be about applying for the IDCP. Woot..

So I first heard about this opportunity at my university in my first year of study.

 Back ground information:

I am 22 years old and I live in New Zealand. I studied at Otago University at the bottom of the South Island. I started out studying a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies with a minor in Hospitality. I then changed in my second year to a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Tourism. Then in my third year I dropped the honours course as I just wanted to go and travel and not spend 4 years at university.

 All these changes sure were fun, changing from arts to commerce meant I now got to do all the “fun” math papers I had been avoiding. *sigh*

 But I graduated in 2012 with my Bachelor of Commerce and couldn’t be happier. (Well sort of)

Back to the topic at hand:

So I discovered the IDCP in 2010 through my tourism department at university. It sounded fairly easy to get into and sounded like it encompassed all sorts of awesomeness.

Here is the link if you want to check it out for yourself. -> https://www.disneyinternationalprograms.com/icp.html

The requirements are pretty easy:

To qualify candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Be a citizen of Australia, New Zealand and/or the United States of America.

  • Be a current student at an accredited post-secondary university or at a tertiary-level accredited educational (TAFE)/Polytechnic institution and have completed at the first full year of study prior to application.Recent graduates of a university or TAFE/Polytechnic may also apply but must start work at Walt Disney World Resort within 12 months of their graduation date.

    •  Please note you may not defer the semester prior to your arrival
  • Per Visa regulations, you may not study via correspondence

The requirements vary depending on your home country and whether they recruit there.

So I decided to wait until I had graduated or almost graduated to apply as I love to travel and probably wouldn’t have come home again to finish my degree.

So during my three years of uni I became pretty obsessed with the program. I discovered that Jeni (our Australia/New Zealand recruiter) visited my university twice a year and also occasionally guest lectured while she was around. She also did 2 presentations per visit.

Suffice it to say I got to know Jeni really well as I went to every presentation and crashed every lecture she gave.

By the time I applied, she was as excited as I was that I was finally applying. 😛

So during my third and final year of uni, around September my turn finally arrived. I filled in the online application (except for the work history section as it has a well known glitch) printed it off and signed it. I also filled in a sheet with my choices for roles, signified whether I wanted a 6 month or a 12 month role, got a copy of my passport, and filled in my Resume and a cover letter.

I dyed my hair brown ( which didn’t work properly, I have so many colour running through my hair that it was more purple than brown L)  took out all my ear piercings except for the 2 designated by the Disney look and organised an appointment time.


You must be interviewed for this program either in person or via Skype.

I was nervous about this for the whole year before I applied.

Jeni was lovely she was just as excited as I was to be applying.

She asked me basic things like what my favourite Disney movie was what hometown I would like on my name badge. However since I had gotten to known Jeni over the years she didn’t ask me as many things as she did to a few others.

She also asked what my preferred choice would be and the length of the program I would like as well.

At the end of my interview she told me not to stress and that I would hear back within 2 weeks.

And so the waiting began…..

  • Be friendly, Open and Honest
  • Research the Disney look and dress as if it’s for a job interview (which it is)
  • Be as flexible as possible when choosing roles, the more you pick the more they can offer you, (they cannot offer you a role which you haven’t selected)
  • Make sure you have all your paper work, and be 15mins early to your appointment.

All in all I highly recommend that you apply for this opportunity, so far it has been the best experience and I haven’t even gotten there yet J

All the best