disney cruise: Day 1 embarkation

May 17th

Saturday dawned bright and early suprisingly enough as i had spent an amazingly long night at a Cher concert.


Flying Cher


cher was amazing, it was my first concert and i had the best time.



saturday consisted of last minute getting ready which took a lot longer than i wanted so i was getting pretty grumpy by the time we finally met up with Michael and got on the way to the port.

once we arrived at port canaveral we got all of our stuff  out of the van, and christopher had his big suitcase sent to the room because its wheels were broken and it was  full size suitcase. the rest of us (katherine, micheal, and I) gather our stuff and went through security and up into th line to check into our 7 day cruise!


I have been waiting for this day for years/months! and finally we were there, checking in to our adjoining staterooms on the Disney Fantasy for a 7 day eastern caribbean cruise. nothing but luxury and disney trivia ahead of e for days and days.

After arriving in the stateroom and getting our selves sorted with our new quarters:






After getting ourelves situated we started to roam around the ship that we would call home for a week.

We stopped by Cabanas on the 11th deck which we discovered has an amazing seafood buffett which we all stuffed ourselves with.

We then explored the ship for a few hours till it was time to pretty ourselves up for dinner at palo.


lobster Ravioli


Lamb Shank


gnocchi and marscapone soup


Chocolate Souffle

IMG_3676IMG_3686IMG_3685 IMG_3697 IMG_3699 IMG_3700 IMG_3701 IMG_3703 IMG_3704

we gorged outselves on plates and plates of rich and delicious food for over 2 hours. the somalier talked us into buying 2 bottles of wine for the table, and our server plied me with as much prosciutto as my heart desired.

we had planned an evening of fun and roaming the ship after dinner but i had started to feel ill and mostly food coma, so we all went to bed to sleep off the amazing food we had all eaten.


that ends day one of  my disney cruise





Criminal Check

One of the steps required for the Walt Disney World International Program is to get a Criminal/Background check. Disney requires this so they can verify that you are ssomeone that they feel comfortable employing, as well as being able to sponser for the J1 Visa to enter and work within the United States.

This back ground check requirement is not to be acquired before 6 months prior to your arrival at Disney otherwise it is considered invalid and you will need to obtain a new one.

I received an email from Disney on the 5th of February 2013 asking me to begin looking into acquiring my criminal history check, which I would then submit to Yummy Travel.

For New Zealanders follow this link : http://www.justice.govt.nz/services/criminal-records/get-a-copy-of-your-criminal-record.

For Australians follow this link : http://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/police-checks/national-police-checks.aspx#forms.

There are several differences between the Australian and New Zealand requirements. One fo the main ones being that the Australians have to pay for their criminal check whereas New Zealanders do not.

Ok. So applying for the criminal check is relatively straight forward. In the email Disney states that you do not have to do step 3. This confused me but what I believe it pertains to it the letter asking for the criminal check to be hand signed and on an official letterhead.  However I did this anyway as I was worried about it being of importance to the visa which required that.

So I scrawled a few line on some spare paper shoved my application form, a copy of my passport and 2 passport photos into an envelope and sent it off to the government. I finally received it on the 20th of February. Many people had a long wait for theirs and it can take up to a month so try not to panic or stress too much.


Small confession…. I have stressed and worried at all stages of prepareing for this internship. It is the single biggest thing in my life at the moment and one point where my life can suddenly take many different and exciting paths. Because of this I am always worried that 1 small thing will mess it up and I will lose this single most important moment in my life.

Try not to do this as it is very draining and sucks. Haha

After I received my criminal check in the mail I scanned a copy of it and sent it off to the yummy travel email address I was supplied : BackgroundCheck@yummyjobs.com


I then added the paperwork to my Disney folder which houses all of my important Disney involved information.

Hope this helped anyone who is confused about the process

If you have any questions about any of the process just ask and ill do my best to help out now that ive been through it