Flying to America 2014

So I began my trip at 2am on Mondays the 27th of October. We had to ER up early so I could finish packing and coffee before leaving the house at 3:45am to get to the airport by 5am.

Said my goodbyes to my grandfather and my cat and then we were on our way. We got to the airport super early cos surprise! There is no traffic at 4 am. So we decided to have a McDonald’s breakfast a wee waited for check in to open.

Once it opened I went to check my bag and get my boarding passed for my 3 flights of the day. It took a while because she was really interested in what I do and why I was going. I also had a question about luggage that wasn’t easily answered. My question was on my itinerary it said baggage limit: 4 pieces. And that was it no actual information on weight or size also there no helpful information on the help pages. Tash had to ring 2 different places to find out and the answer that came back was it is 4 pieces of 23kgs each!!!! Holy crap that’s a lot of luggage. I checked one bag that weighed a grand total of 16kgs.

After checking we headed up stairs to get coffee and spend my last 2 hours in the gateway lounge. It was really tough leaving my dad but I found it a whole lot easier than last time when my best friends and family were there. Besides I knew I’d be back in April so it’s not like in going forever.

I bought a magazine, a bottle of water and for some money changed in to Australian dollars and some into American, I used the notes in my wallet making the most of my immediate resources. I boarded the plane to Sydney and it was tiny I felt like I had no space in my seat, I was also seated next to a giant man who took up all the room without trying. The flight took 3 hours or so. I think we landed a little late. I then had to go through transfer security where they made me throw out my water. I then spent the next 4 hours wandering through the airport, I found an Asian noodle place for lunch which was delicious and I felt much better after that. But the free Wi-Fi refused to work on my phone which sucked

The plane was late leaving Sydney. It was a 14 hour flight to Dallas, Texas. It was actually a really nice flight I enjoyed the food and the staff were friendly, it was just way to long. Speaking haha of food there was a tonne of it haha with dinner which was a honey chicken salad and fruit bowl I had a Bloody Mary and then a vodka ginger beer. In the middle of the night we got ice cream and sliders. And then scrambled eggs and beans for breakfast. They also had a serve yourself snack station as well.

We arrived late into Dallas, where I had to go through customs, passport control and bag pick up and re check. Then back through security and then find out I was in the wrong terminal all while my flight was boarding. After running through the airport for half an hour I finally get to the desk to discover my flight has already left and I had been rebooked on to a 7pm flight. So I spent 4 hours in Dallas, sitting in TGI Fridays drinking cocktails till I felt better about life.

This last flight was killer. I was so over flying g and being cramped in tiny planes. Luckily this flight was only three hours but it seemed to drag on forever. Once I got to Orlando I picked up my bag and wound my way to the Disney ground transportation and caught a Disney magical express to pop century.

Once I arrived at Pop I discovered once again the frustration of knowing how to do that persons job better than them but not being able to. So I went up to my room and met my roommate. Larissa 50 years Old Russian from Australia. She will be in merchandise on board the Dream.

And so ended my long Monday I left New Zealand at 8 am on the 27th and arrived 35 hours later I arrived in Orlando Florida 10pm on the 27th of October.



Day 2&3: A Day at Sea

Days 2 & 3 were spent at sea.

We rushed through the waters heading towards St Maarten.

Day Two

Unfortunately day 2 was a very rough day at sea. I woke up at 10am feeling queasy and un-happy.  I headed up to breakfast by myself but only managed some fresh fruit before heading back to the cabin. Katherine was up when I returned so I headed back to breakfast with her and Michael for a second time.

Day 2 breakfast

day 2 breakfast alone

We spent the day at trivia, at a DVC meeting, and wandering the decks exploring the Disney Fantasy. I felt really queasy all day and at about 3pm I went back to the stateroom for a nap. The other three went off to meet characters.

At 6:15pm there was a Broadway style show playing in the Walt Disney Theatre – Disney wishes. It was about 3 kids who were following their dreams after finishing high school. It was the cheesiest thing I have ever seen in my life. Katherine thought it was the best thing she had ever seen, she is a sucker for cheesy Disney stuff from parades to movies she love it all.

After the show I told everyone I would meet them at dinner and went to back to the stateroom where I was violently ill for most of the evening. I did manage to make an appearance at dinner but the smell in the dining room was too much for me. It confused our servers to no end because I disappeared and never came back.

Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden

Enchanted GardenEnchanted Garden


Day Three

I woke up on day three still feeling gross. Michael and Katherine woke me up for breakfast at 9am, which I attended and I had more of an appetite than the previous day which was a glorious feeling. Katherine and Michael went off to meet the princesses and I went back to bed.

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Buffet

Cabanas Buffet


View from the Buffet

Once again we frequented and won Disney trivia, we are now the proud owners of 2, read it 2 Disney cruise line key chains. I also went to guest services and they told me about some seasickness bracelets that they sell in one of the stores. So off I went and I got myself some acupressure bracelets, and let me tell ya I’m pretty sure they work.  Whenever I wear them I don’t feel sea sick! Yay!

It was really odd for me because I didn’t get sea sick on the last cruise.

Perry and Phineas

Us and Peter Pan




Dinner Day 3

Day three dinner was a much happier we were at the Royal court. Nicola and Mariya our servers were very happy to see us. They spoilt us rotten giving us extra appetizers, extra mains, and extra desserts whatever we wanted. Mariya gave me 2 extra crème brulee that night because they were DELICIOUS!! We left dinner practically rolling away from the table.

Bread and Fried Brie



Potato and Leek Soup

Rack of Lamb

Tahitan Vanilla Creme Brulee

Grand Marnier Souffle

Christopher Michael 8 forks balanced on a wine bottle

After dinner we headed up to the hot tub and whiled away the hours in the pool and the hot tub.  And then we all rolled off to bed.

and that ends days 2 and 3


Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party

So mickeys not so scary Halloween party happens from September through November. It is a wicked pArty which happens at magic kingdom after 7pm on select nights. You need an extra ticket for it but It is so Worth it!!! I got a free ticket because I com concierge and we get them for product knowledge.


This was hard as it wAs only free for a few dates in September, so I had to quickly organize a costume, kat brought a ticket and we went to the 20th of September not so scary party. I went as raja from Aladdin, we met jasmine and she said I looked like raja which was AWESOME!!! Kat was Wednesday Adams, Megan went as Princess Leia and Emily went as a fireside girl from Phineas and Ferb.

the trio

For my first Halloween celebration this was insane! We arrived to. Fully decked out magic kingdom, all the characters were in costume, there were visitors from everywhere in costumes as well it was so cool to see the lengths to which everybody went to. There is trick or treating locations through out the park. I am practically living off candy from what I got at not so scary. We wen to. The haunted mansion and splash mountain, we saw the villans dance party, celebrate the magic, hallowishes, and the Halloween parade. The 5 hours it lasted is no where long enough to see and do everything. Best night ever.


i created my costume with the help of my wonderful roomates, i did my make up myself and had an amazing time just creating the character. i have never really gone all out in dressing up before so i had an amazing time experiencing what that feels like. 

Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party is the best thing i have ever been to. it is crazy how tame it is and how much fun it is for adults and children alike. 20130927-160043.jpg




in closing i believe i will attempt to go to mickeys nto so scary again before it ends in November, just to see the characters and of course get more free candy :).